Sunday, 16 December 2007

PJ's finished

I finally got around to putting the applique on the singlet tops, so here is the complete outfit, sorry for the dodgy photo but Connor doesn't stand still for photos anymore, he launches himself at the camera everytime the flash pops up.
And I just thought I'd share this very cute photo. Connor was being all lovey towards Elizabeth and giving her lots of kisses and cuddles.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas Swap Received

After staring at my swap parcel for 4 days I was finally allowed to open it yesterday, I received oodles of lovelyness from the wonderful Corrie.
Included in my parcel was:

All these beautiful fabrics, spotty, fairy tales, xmas and some monkey (which will become appliques on tops or pants for my own little monkey I think) and an iron on bear motif.
Plus some yummy chocolates which I have kept hidden from DH and the kids (though Izy did discover them while I was taking this pic and decided to crawl up for a closer look)
Some gorgeous little quilted coasters.
And all these beautiful little novelty buttons (destined for lots of Izy's dresses)
Thank you Corrie, I love it all.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

My trainer cancelled yesterday due to illness so I was unexpectedly blessed with extra time for sewing yesterday on my Connor free day.

So I finally managed to whip up 3 pairs of PJ shorts for Connor, I bought this material a couple of weeks ago but couldn't find a pattern I liked, I settled on Simplicity pattern 4983 and am very happy with the result, I just have to pick up some singlets or little tshirts to applique for the tops now.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Elizabeths Christening

I haven't had much of a chance to sew over the past week with family coming to stay (other than making up a couple of photo boards for xmas presents for a friends little boys) but now the house is all quiet and I have finally had a chance to get started on my xmas swap gift.

We decided to have Elizabeth christened while my inlaws were here (as they couldn't attend Connor's last year) so in leiu of sewing pictures I will show you some shots of my gorgeous girl all dressed up.
All of dressed up (Aaron doesn't normally have a moustache but hes supporting the whole Movember thing)
Its hard to get a decent photo of connor at the moment cause as soon as the flash pops up he grabs for the camera, but doesn't he look so cute in his checkered shirt and undershirt.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Only a little bit of sewing and lots of unpicking

I did do a bit of sewing this week after a trip to the spotlight sale on Monday night, I am making a little block rug for a birthday present for a friends little boy who turns 2 in November, but thought it best I make a prototype for Connor as I hadn't made one before. As it turns out this was a good idea, after finishing it and threading the cord through I discovered that it didn't quite close up the way I wanted it to, so had to unpick the entire thing in order to put in extra buttonholes to thread the cord in and out of.

So now I have to start over, first to do the buttonholes and then put it back together, shouldn't take too long as it is a pretty simple project, will post a pic when its done (in the morning when I can get a better picture)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Connor's Birthday Party

We had Connor's 2nd Birthday party today, and although there were quite a few no shows (I understand that people can' t make it but I wish they would have told me in advance, thanks to those that did!!!) we still had a great time.

Everyone loved the party bags I made, they were very simple but were a hit!
I love how this banner/ bunting turned out, I will now hang it in Connor's room (so much better than a paper or plastic banner that just gets thrown away)
I was happy with how the cake turned out too, I bought the cake topper off of ebay and just cover the cake with cream and piped some extra around the edges for effect. (the cake was mostly for the adults as I made cupcakes for the kids to have, much easier to hold than a piece of cake)
A finally a pic of my baby boy blowing out his candles, he's pretty good at it now (hes had a bit of practice now, we had to keep relighting the candles to get a good photo cause he's just too fast LOL)
I can only assume that Connor had a good time cause the party ended at 12, he was in bed by 12.15 and its now 3.30 and hes still asleep.... we must have really worn him out!

Friday, 5 October 2007

The Curtains

I finally got a photo of the curtains, because they are stripes they don't photograph so well but you get the general idea.
A close up of the material so you can see the colours, I didn't want anything to babyish as I want them to last him a while.
And finally, the photo/note board that I made him a few weeks ago, decided to coordinate the curtains to this.

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Some sewing at long last!!!

I have finally had chance to do some sewing, nothing terribly exciting though, just some curtains for DS's room. Thought i'd better get them done before daylight saving starts.

Will blog a pic when he wakes up from his sleep (cause I haven't taken one yet!!!!)

Now to start a set for DD's room!!!

I'm also working on some decorations and gift bags for DS's birthday party next weekend.. Wiggles theme. I'm borrowing some ideas from the very talented ladies on the EB sewing thread.

Will take pics when I have done some more on them (mostly in the planning stage atm)

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

In the MOOD for cupcakes

I made some cupcakes today for a friends birthday (practicing for Connor's birthday in October) using the recipe in Heids blog.

After icing them I decided they were a bit plain, I'm a bit lacking in the sprinkle department at the moment so I decided I would put faces on them instead. But not just smiley happy faces, I decided to make mood cupcakes, so you can now have a cupcake to match your mood, whether your happy, sad, confused or surprised there is a cupcake for you... (yes I am going insane, I think I need to get out more LOL.)
Connor felt a bit left out that I had made a dress for Izy and nothing for him recently, so he decided to share her dress instead. Over the top of his pyjamas naturally. I'm still yet to get a photo of her in it LOL.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Flash Back Fridays

This weeks theme for FBF is a group photo, so I have taken mine from a couple of my birthday parties.

This is my 1st Birthday, mum made me an Elephant cake (sorry the photo is so dark)

Me at my 3rd Birthday party

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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Quilt for a new baby boy

One of my good friends had her baby on thursday (a week early) a little boy they named Hayden, weighing 8lb 14oz.

I wanted to give them something special that they didn't already have (2nd child) and found this lovely "Pooh Bear" panel at SL the other day. You cant see it in the photos but I stitched around all the characters, and Embroidered his name onto the front, and then found this lovely starry material for the backing.
I was hoping it would be a little more puffy where I sewed around the characters but as I had to use a cotton wadding (the whole thing is 100% cotton materials as her oldest suffers from excema and has been told this one probably will too) it didn't really puff up.
Overall I'm really happy with it and it was received with great appreciation, so I guess thats all that matters really.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Flash Back Fridays

The theme of this weeks FBF is fancy dress, after looking through my album, I have found that the pickings are pretty slim for these photos, but I did manage to find a couple.

My appologies to my brother for yet another photo with him in it but it appears that he has managed to get his mug into about 90% of the photos in my album...

Does this count as fancy dress/dress up's??? either way its a mighty big cardi of my dad's that we have got on.
Playing dress up's at kindy with one of my friends,thats me in the purple number, (on the phone as usual)
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Wednesday, 8 August 2007

WIP and a new craft

Ahhhhh, finally I have gotten back behind my sewing machine, and doesn't it feel good to be doing something other than housework for once.

So.... while the kids were napping yesterday I made up this dress for Izy that I had cut out last week, I made it in the smallest size just to get an indication of what size she might be for summer (and it will definately be the next one up) still have to do buttons and button holes (or maybe snaps if I can find buttons to cover them up)

I have also been making a pair of matching panties to go underneath from the pattern that Sahra sent me, but they are too big so will need some modification.
On the weekend I went to the Wagga CraftAlive fair and picked up this Lace Dying kit.
From which I dyed this cute little motif.
I think it looks really cute sewn onto a plain white top for Izy.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Flash Back Fridays

Well its Friday again so time for another Flashback into pre 1985.

Sometime in 1978, probably about September. Off to a birthday party with my brother (my very first party) and another shocking pair of overalls (sorry mum but they really are) and check out those stripey socks!!!!! this one is especially for Michelle (lucky for you his dress sense has improved over the years)

And one of me in my own interesting outfit (I guess it was the 70's) sometime late 1979.
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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

3rd Wedding Anniversary

3 years ago today I married the love of my life. So I thought i'd pop some photos up to celebrate the day.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Flashback Fridays

The rules are - you have to post a photo every Friday pre 1985, and you have to be in it!!!

This is a pic of me at 12 weeks and my older brother (about 2 1/2) in his snazzy overalls teamed with a skivvy and short sleeve jumper..... mother what were you thinking????

He is going to kill me if he happens to look in here LOL!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The finished quilt and a little friend

The raggedy edge quilt is finished and has ragged up nicely on the ends, I love these colours and am in the process of creating other things in these colours to coordinate.
The first coordinating piece is a little friend for Izy, I call her Ellie and she matches the fabric on the back of her quilt. She is also my very first softy, and turned out pretty good for a first try.

Piles of pattern goodness

I had the opportunity to do a bit of op shopping without Connor the other day and found basket upon basket of patterns that I had never discovered at one of my regular haunts. So naturally I went crazy and grabbed as many as would fit in the basket (I stopped counting at 40) an awesome selection of womens, toddlers and craft (and a few really cute older kids patterns that I just couldn't bare to leave behind)I also found this great book that has alot of tips on sewing toddlers clothes aswell as some stencils for applique.
Not to forget a few goodies for my swap partner.... hoping to get my parcel posted off in the next few days, depending on when Connor manages to shake the high temp and racking cough he has picked up from somewhere.

I couldn't resist putting this photo in, how am I ever going to be able to say no to this face???

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

WIP Wednesday

I know its WIP Wednesday but DH has stolen my camera and taken it in to work to get one of his work mates to show him how to use it "properly" and I dont have any spare batteries in the house to put into my old camera so the photos will have to wait for now.

Raggedy edge quilt is finished and looking great (if I do say so myself) and as luck would have it, it turned out the perfect size for Izy's cot (which is lucky considering I never measured it)

Am now working on some coordinating items to make her room look "girly" (not that she actually sleeps in there atm)

Did some hemming for a friend last night (does that count as sewing) but thats it for me so far this week.

Hope I can put some photos on tomorrow.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Family Tradition

I thought I would show you a picture of the recieving dress that we bought Elizabeth home in, it is the same one that my parents brought me home in 29 years ago, it was knitted for my mother by one of her Aunts, I was so thrilled to be able to carry on this tradition and hope that it will be carried on by my children in the future.

Crazy quilts and crazy cakes

My quilt is all sewn up and snipped and is currently drying on the line after wash number one, its not looking overly raggedy at the moment but I guess it will after another wash, I took this photo before the first wash so I could compare, will add another photo after its finished.

I made this cake last night (for no particular reason) and am going to send some of it into work with hubby tomorrow, but after looking at it today I decided it was very boring and needed some brightening up.