Sunday, 28 October 2007

Only a little bit of sewing and lots of unpicking

I did do a bit of sewing this week after a trip to the spotlight sale on Monday night, I am making a little block rug for a birthday present for a friends little boy who turns 2 in November, but thought it best I make a prototype for Connor as I hadn't made one before. As it turns out this was a good idea, after finishing it and threading the cord through I discovered that it didn't quite close up the way I wanted it to, so had to unpick the entire thing in order to put in extra buttonholes to thread the cord in and out of.

So now I have to start over, first to do the buttonholes and then put it back together, shouldn't take too long as it is a pretty simple project, will post a pic when its done (in the morning when I can get a better picture)

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Andrea said...

Look forward to seeing it Ingrid, it sounds interesting.