Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Milk bibs

Miss Elizabeth is a very messy drinker when it comes to her bottle, I dont know whether she tries to drink it too fast or what but it ends up running out the sides of her mouth and all over her, generally soaking the top of whatever outfit she happens to have on.

So..... to combat this I made her some bibs, cotton on one side and plastic on the other with a middle of towelling to help soak it up, so far so good, it has kept her dry each time I have put one on her, I have made 5 all up, might have to make some more to keep up with her though.
Only 3 pictured here though as she is currently wearing one and the other one is in the wash.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Exploring new talents

We went to a birthday party yesterday for a little friend of Connor's who turns 3 tomorrow, her mum works full time so asked me if I could make the cake for her. I like making the cakes for my kids birthdays so I thought, why not??? One Dora the Eplorer cake coming up.
I thought about using coloured mazipan but as it was a kids cake I wasn't sure they would like it so instead I covered the cake in icing to give it a sticky base and then traced out the Dora shape and used coloured sprinkles to fill it in and black writing icing gel to do the outline.

I think it turned out pretty good and Felicity's mum and dad were both very pleased with it.

Valentines swap

I've been slack putting these pics up, This is what I received from the lovely Adds in the Valentines Day swap.

A beautiful handmade coaster to protect my bedside table when I curl up in bed with a coffee and my laptop (to surf blogs of course)

An applique quilting mag full of inspirational ideas and some gorgeous little fabric pieces.
Oh and a packet of ferero rocher which lasted about 10 minutes.... they were yummy!!!!!