Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I've caught the sewing bug again YAY!!!

With the onset of the cold weather, the kids and I have been spending more time inside, so while the kids play inside games I have been able to get some more sewing done.
Sewing tally for this fortnight.
4 dresses for Izy
2 pairs of pants for Connor
2 pairs of pants for Izy
2 pairs of pj pants for Izy
1 pair of pj pants for connor
and shock horror...... a top for me!!!!

I haven't got a photo of my top yet, will add it as soon as I get one.

Izy's dresses
Connor's pants, this pair are greeny, brown and the other pair (not pictured) are black
Izy's pants, the other pair (again not pictured, are pink maple leaf camo print)
I still have to get pics of the pj's, but need to pick up some tops to applique first.
But not bad for 10 days of sewing I'd say.

Friday, 17 April 2009

A couple of things

Starting with a couple of my most recent sewing projects.
A little dress for Izy, I bought this cordouroy last year and made some little pants, and had enough left over to make this sweet little A-line dress, I think it will look so cute with a little skivvy and a pair of tights.
I promised my SIL I would make her a bag ages ago and have have only just gotten around to it.