Sunday, 13 July 2008

While the cats away!!!!!

With the boys away I've had a bit of spare time to get some sewing done.

Finished the squares for the couch quilt, now I need to choose the sashings, border and backing fabric.

A pair of pants for Izy that have been sitting on my sewing table for a month, I love the contrasting cotton on the hems and false fly.
And a new bag to take away with me next week, its not quite as big as I'd hoped and I don't normally like bags that cross over my body but I thought it would probably be best for keeping my hands free to control two kids in the airport.
I decided to do a bit of fancy stitching detail for something different. Its growing on me!!!!!

Sunday, 6 July 2008

I turned 30 yesterday!!!!!

And to celebrate this milestone I decided to have a party........ 1920's style.

Finding costumes for Aaron and myself was easy (I just went to the local costume shop and pulled a few pieces out of our wardrobe) but dressing the kids proved a little more difficult, so what is a sewing mumma to do???

Make her own of course!

My mum had some material left over from making my bridesmaids dresses a few years ago so I got her to send some down to make Izy's dress, added some frill and wah-la

My gorgeous little flapper

Her toddler waddle made the frills swish, too cute!

And finding a black long sleeve shirt for Connor proved impossible, luckily I stumbled upon a white pumpkin patch shirt at the op shop which I dyed black. Then I just sewed some white cotton onto the shirt to make it look like he was wearing suspenders. I think he looks quite dapper all dressed up. (the moustache wore off during the night though)

And speaking of dapper.... I think my hubby looks pretty spunky too.
I'm not sure about the hat, I think she looks more like a cow girl now
And just because I loved this photo of me and my girl