Sunday, 28 October 2007

Only a little bit of sewing and lots of unpicking

I did do a bit of sewing this week after a trip to the spotlight sale on Monday night, I am making a little block rug for a birthday present for a friends little boy who turns 2 in November, but thought it best I make a prototype for Connor as I hadn't made one before. As it turns out this was a good idea, after finishing it and threading the cord through I discovered that it didn't quite close up the way I wanted it to, so had to unpick the entire thing in order to put in extra buttonholes to thread the cord in and out of.

So now I have to start over, first to do the buttonholes and then put it back together, shouldn't take too long as it is a pretty simple project, will post a pic when its done (in the morning when I can get a better picture)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Connor's Birthday Party

We had Connor's 2nd Birthday party today, and although there were quite a few no shows (I understand that people can' t make it but I wish they would have told me in advance, thanks to those that did!!!) we still had a great time.

Everyone loved the party bags I made, they were very simple but were a hit!
I love how this banner/ bunting turned out, I will now hang it in Connor's room (so much better than a paper or plastic banner that just gets thrown away)
I was happy with how the cake turned out too, I bought the cake topper off of ebay and just cover the cake with cream and piped some extra around the edges for effect. (the cake was mostly for the adults as I made cupcakes for the kids to have, much easier to hold than a piece of cake)
A finally a pic of my baby boy blowing out his candles, he's pretty good at it now (hes had a bit of practice now, we had to keep relighting the candles to get a good photo cause he's just too fast LOL)
I can only assume that Connor had a good time cause the party ended at 12, he was in bed by 12.15 and its now 3.30 and hes still asleep.... we must have really worn him out!

Friday, 5 October 2007

The Curtains

I finally got a photo of the curtains, because they are stripes they don't photograph so well but you get the general idea.
A close up of the material so you can see the colours, I didn't want anything to babyish as I want them to last him a while.
And finally, the photo/note board that I made him a few weeks ago, decided to coordinate the curtains to this.