Wednesday, 22 August 2007

In the MOOD for cupcakes

I made some cupcakes today for a friends birthday (practicing for Connor's birthday in October) using the recipe in Heids blog.

After icing them I decided they were a bit plain, I'm a bit lacking in the sprinkle department at the moment so I decided I would put faces on them instead. But not just smiley happy faces, I decided to make mood cupcakes, so you can now have a cupcake to match your mood, whether your happy, sad, confused or surprised there is a cupcake for you... (yes I am going insane, I think I need to get out more LOL.)
Connor felt a bit left out that I had made a dress for Izy and nothing for him recently, so he decided to share her dress instead. Over the top of his pyjamas naturally. I'm still yet to get a photo of her in it LOL.

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Sahra said...

What a little cutie Ingrid, Can we see a pic of izzy in here dress too? Lol