Monday, 21 January 2008


Excuse the lolly in Connors mouth but they had just finished with the Pinata and this was about the only time he stood still all afternoon to have his photo taken (minus hat, sword and eye patch unfortunately)
Doesn't Izy just look adorable dressed up as piglet, she didn't really like the nose much but kept it on long enough to have her photo taken and make an entrance at the party.
And I went as a hippy/flower child, wearing a dress that my mum made for herself to wear for her 1st wedding anniversary in 1974 (before I was even born) Its full length with big bell sleeves that have bright pink inserts.
Hubby went as a hawaiin girl wearing a grass skirt and coconut shell bra (but I dont have a photo I can put on here!!!!)


Heids said...

Fabullous costumes Ingrid. Izy does look adorable!

Cass said...

Ingrid great costumes well done.

ingrid said...

Oh my golly gosh, that little piglet is adorable!