Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Summer Fun

Since I don't have anything sewing related to put on my blog this week I thought I would post a picture of my two beautiful babies (who are growing up so fast) Izy has started crawling and pulling herself up on things, and as of new years day she is now eating solids everyday (twice a day actually)
We have had a string of quite hot days here recently, which means you can almost guarentee that the icecream van will make an appearance at some stage. Connor loved eating the icecream bought from the man in the singing van. And.... surprisingly this was as messy as he got (I stripped him down just incase but I need not have worried)
Now that all the Christmas excitement is over and all the visitors have gone home (we really enjoyed having them here but I didn't have a chance to do any sewing) I'm looking forward to getting my sewjo back and getting some sewing and crafting done. Now I just have to decide what I want to make.


Cass said...

I miss the ice cream van, they never come around here anymore

Walmsley Family said...

MMMM...that looks like a very familiar baby bouncer that Miss Izzy looks like she is handling very well. Next time you have an ice cream Connor, you have to share with me!!