Saturday, 7 June 2008

My Baby Girl is turning 1

I cant believe a year ago today my baby girl came into the world, I swear she was the most beautiful thing I have every seen in my life (not that I'm biased or anything) and I was smitten from the word go. How could I ever resist such an angelic face.
She is such a smiley happy little thing (most of the time) and at six months was happiest when she could be in her jumper and see everything that was going on.
And now at One she is confidently walking, well running actually, everywhere and getting into mischief (mostly lead by Connor but thats another story)
But still as beautiful as ever, Happy Birthday gorgeous girl, I love you so much.


Cass said...

Happy Birthday Elizabeth.

ingrid said...

Happy Birthday sweet Elizabeth.

AJ said...

Happy Birthday Little One!!

Hope you have a great day!