Friday, 6 July 2007

Another year older but just another day really

I used to get so excited about my birthday when I was younger, it pretty much always coincided with The Show, the highlight of the Alice Springs social calender (along with the Camel Cup, sad I know, but thats another story) so I was always stoked to have a new outfit to wear to it and my birthday money to be able to spend on anything I wanted.... which funnily enough was generally something craft related (not much of a rides girl)

But as each year passes a little bit more of the excitment fades and is replaced with the reality of adulthood. Now I dont mean to whinge but when you spend most of the day alone (or in the company of a teething 21 month old and a hungry 4 week old) it really doesn't feel like anything special.

The high and low lights of my day:
4.00am Woke up to Connor crying
5.05am - Elizabeth wakes up wanting to be fed
6.30am - Wake up to the sound of Elizabeth vomiting in the bed beside me followed quickly by the disgusting feeling of it running down my back
7.00am - Connor wakes up... Lots of cuddles and kisses, we open my pressies. big ooohs and ahhhs over the lovely gifts I recieve. Even connor joined in with the oohs and ahhs.
10.30am - Arrive at shopping centre, no carparks to be found (forgot it was the first day of the toy sales) some rude women takes the carpark that I had been sitting waiting 2 mins to get into.
4.00pm - A good friend arrives with her son to keep me company for the afternoon/ evening
7.00pm - Aaron arrives home just as we are ordering dinner (fabulous surprise as I didn't expect him home until 10.30)
Midnight - Bedtime

Not the most exciting if birthdays but definately one of the longest I have had in a while.

So now its over and behind me, next year will be my 30th and I'm planning on having a party so at least thats something to look forward to!!!!

Also, during the course of the day I did recieve some lovely phone calls and text messages from my family and friends which did make me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved and for this I thank them all.

And thanks to Elizabeth throwing up on me in bed it will definately be a birthday I wont forget in a hurry.

I edited this post after rereading it the next morning and deciding it was incredibly depressing and negative and thats not the way I want to remember my birthday.


joanne said...

long bdays can be good too right???? Happy Birthday!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Ingrid. I know what you mean about the joyous feeling of your special day fading as we age! I try hard to stay excited for mine!
It was great that your DH was able to be with you.

fallen~from~grace said...

Ingrid, Happy Belated Birthday!
As you said, being woken up to the sounds of vomitting and that warm feeling down your back, it certainly won't be a day you'll forget soon :) And I bet you got lots of lovely birthday hugs and kisses from your gorgeous children :)

Cass said...

Happy Birthday. Not a great way to start the day

Kim said...

Aww Ingrid. big hugs. I'm sure things will start to look up soon.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Ingrid! I know what you mean about them not feeling the same as they used to too - I had a huge party for my 30th, that did make it feel much more special!

posiepatchwork said...

Hey Ingrid, happy birthday!! Remember me, Jennie?? Kylie's friend from the markets, fellow Army wife, still in Darwin. It's my big girl's birthday this Friday, she's 8 & my big boy/ husband, next Wednesday. Oh, just showed my husband the heavily pregnant snaps & we had flash backs to me at those stages. Going to add you to my blog, so come & visit. I'll be posting snaps of today's trip to Crocodylus & our evening picnic at Mindil Beach. Happy memories. Congratulations on your baby girl, you were only just pregnant when we met. She's beautiful. We're off to Canberra next year & plan to visit Kylie, & if you're still in Wagga . . . little get togethers, although my 4 are at school now. Sigh. Love Posie

Kylie said...

Hey at least it was Izy's vomit and not yours - from being too pissed - hehe!

Happy Birthday Dear - May next year we party with all those born in 1978 - a party to end all parties - I will be there!

Love ya and cheer up chicky - It can only get better from here - We have the kids getting older to look forward to and hopefully they will be able to make us a card and CAKE one day!

Helen said...

Happy birthday Ingrid! Bring on the big 30 next year huh?! :)