Friday, 13 April 2007

New fabric, WIP and maternity stuff

I have been a busy girl but haven't had a chance to update my blog recently.

I finished a pair of overalls for Connor, they are so soft and look gorgeous on him (if I can catch him to put them on) this was my first attempt at using snap fasteners (what a pain they are) but they turned out ok.
I made these PJ's for myself out of some discounted stretch fabric I picked up at SL for $5 meter. they are just a standard pattern but i tried them on before doing the waistband and have fitted it around my expanding belly (32 weeks in this photo)
I have cut out this material to make another pair of PJ's, it was also picked up for a discounted price of $5 per meter.
I have no idea what I'm going to make with this material, but the lady in front of me was buying it and I couldn't resist, am getting quite a stash these days.
I bought this adorable flannette to make some fitted and flat sheets for the baby's cradle, am using a tetra bed mattress borrowed from kylie to fit the cradle but it is longer than a standard bassinet so have to make sheets to fit it.
I finally finished knitting this hug me tight, it was going to be a present for a friend originally but it looks a bit dodgy, still have to sew up the cuffs and will decide what to do with it after that (might just mark it up to experience)

I am about to try and make myself a cross over top in stripey stretch material (forgot the photo of this one) but as its not a maternity pattern I will have to make a few adjustments before putting it all together, hopefully will put the finished article on here soon (better hurry up or I wont have a chance to wear it before this baby comes)

Looks like I'm going to be a busy girl in the next few weeks trying to get this lot done.


Kim said...

Those pants look sooo comfy! What a gorgeous preggy belly!

Cass said...

Ingrid, those pants look great and you look great too, not long to go now

Kylie said...

Wow - look at that belly - Love the hug-me-tight - lets home that you have a girl and get to keep it for yourself...

Helen said...

Lovely belly shot! Lovely stash of fabric growing there too!

Leah said...

Ingrid, I love those Pjs & Cords! And what a glorious bump you have!
More babies.... YAY!

Marie said...

Excuse my ignorance but what in the world is that hug me tight? It looks nice and snuggly.

Andrea said...

Great fabric and great belly shot, the pants look very comfy.